North Korean Satellite Still in Orbit, as UN Criticizes Rocket Launch

The country has been condemned for its nuclear program

North Korea has put its first satellite into space, in a launch criticized by plenty of countries, most notably the US. Even its ally, China, expressed concern. Meanwhile, initial reports from the US said the satellite was out of control, but more recent ones say it is in a steady orbit around the Earth.

The satellite is designed to study crops and weather patterns, North Korean officials claim. The satellite, Kwangmyongsong 3, was launched aboard the North Korean-built Unha-3 rocket on Wednesday.

North Korea has been working on its rocket program for a couple of decades now, though this is the first successful launch and the first to put something into orbit.

While the country claims its goals are peaceful, critics argue that it aims to build a launch vehicle capable of carrying a nuclear payload over great distances. The country has been criticized repeatedly for its nuclear program.

The UN Security Council, which has already imposed sanctions for the country's nuclear program, said it is considering "an appropriate response" to the launch.

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