North Korean Assassination Weapons Found on Hitman

Police found hidden weapons in the form of two pens and a flashlight

Information on three hidden weapons found on an alleged assassin in Seoul present similarities to gadgets a secret agent in the movie would own.

According to the Telegraph, the hitman was arrested on a subway platform in September 2011, and was carrying the deadly weapons with him at the time.

The hitman has only been identified as An. He had been living in South Korea since the 1990s, having been granted political asylum. An previously received military training as a special forces soldier.

He possessed a ballpoint pen, which could kill a man by injecting him with poison, through its tip, while looking completely commonplace.

A second pen found on him also had the ability to take a life through poisoning. This pen fired projectiles, coated in a chemical that could kill a man instantly. It only takes 10 milligrams of the substance recovered from the ammunition to cause an adult man's demise.

The third weapon was another ordinary looking object – a black flashlight. The torch was even branded "police" on its side.

Investigators discovered it had three holes pierced in it, each containing a bullet. When a trigger found in the interior of the flashlight was activated, it would send off the rounds.

Officials believe An was there to meet a reputed human rights activist by the name of Park Sang-Hak.

A North Korean defector, he publicly expressed his discontent with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, during rallies and protests, the Hindu reported in October.

Judging by the weaponry An brought with him, police are convinced he was on a mission to end the activist's life.

“You would notice a gun, but these weapons are so innocuous that you could easily kill someone,” Park said in a report for CNN.

Police have put him under 24-hour protection following the incident, as the dissident fears for his life.

“I'd be dead immediately,” he adds.

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