North Americans Get Raptor Gaming Water-Resistant Keyboard

LK1 targets gamers that aren't exactly swimming in cash

Not all gamers have limitless funds, so Raptor Gaming created the LK1 keyboard which costs $34.99 in North America, which is about as much as 25 Euro.

The main asset of the USB-connected peripheral is the water resistance, owed to the special construction.

No longer shall soda spell doom whenever a glass or cup should spill all over the desk during intense gaming sessions.

The Raptor Gaming LK1 has an anti-ghosting function as well (lets up to six buttons be pressed at once).

Furthermore, the item has 5 non-slip pads, adjustable tilt legs, muted keystrokes and a 3-meter long cable.

Finally, the product bundle includes red W, A, S, D and arrow keys.

All in all, though striving to stay affordable, the LK1 still has some special elements to make it qualify as more than just any random keyboard.

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