Nook Tablet Can Sideload Android Apps without Needing Root

Load your favorite Android Apps by following a few simple steps

Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet will come pre-loaded with quite a few nice apps, such as Pandora and Netflix, but the good news for those of you looking for more diversity is that the tablet can also sideload Android apps without requiring root.

Liliputing has posted a great tutorial on how to achieve this using the Nook Tablet, which explains in detail the steps that one need to go through for installing his (or her's) favorite apps.

While we won't go into details in this post, the process is quite easy to follow and basically relies on the Nook's built-in web browser.

Uninstalling apps is also as easy as adding them to your Barnes & Noble tablet, so you shouldn't face any troubles with using the Nook in this way.

The only problem that remains now is getting a hold of a Nook Tablet, but fortunately B&N will start selling these tomorrow, so this will become an non-issue in just a couple of hours.

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