Nook Simple Touch Selling for Just $79 in Limited Quantities

The e-book reader from Barnes & Noble will be on special sale on November 25

Since this is Black Friday, a lot of products are selling for less than the usual fare. This much has been obvious for days, since Dell, Sony and many others have lowered the prices of many products for a short time.

It turns out that Barnes & Noble is doing the same to the Nook Simple Touch e-book reader.

For one day only, the device will sell for $79 / 79 Euro instead of $99 / 99 Euro.

No word yet about the Nook HD and HD+ tablets, which only just reached the UK. The company probably doesn't want to take things too far. While Nook Simple Touch is a relatively old product of theirs, the tablets have the asset of novelty on their side and should manage without a Black Friday promotion.

The exclusive Black Friday B&N Nook Simple Touch model has a white border and will be shipping for as long as supplies last.

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