Non-Linear Video Editor Pitivi Reaches Version 0.93 Beta

The new release also got a funny codename, “Ra is a happy”

Pitivi, a free and open source video editor for the Linux platform based on the GStreamer multimedia framework, is now at version 0.93 Beta and it's available for download.

Pitivi is a non-linear video editor for the Linux platform and right now it's only one the few that can even fit in this this category. Most of the similar applications that can claim to be a non-linear video editor are mostly available on Windows and Mac OS X and cost a buckload of money.

On the other hand, Pitivi is a free application and its developers have launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise enough money so they finally release the 1.0 version. The application has been in the development limbo for a very long time and, if they manage to get enough money, Pitivi will become a force in video editing.

“This release will be the basis on which we will start our work for our ongoing fundraiser. We've done that work in our spare time, and we're excited about what we'll be able to accomplish once we start working full time!” said the developer in the announcement.

According to the changelog, the new Pitivi 0.93 Beta release is called “Ra is a happy” (don't ask why) and has tons of fixes and changes. For example, the viewer and the media file previewers have been ported so they can use a Clutter video output sink, the timeline (clip positioning, borders, selections) has received a number improvements, the ruler and timecode display have been refined, and the MPEG-TS/AVCHD files can now be imported (the ts demuxer for nonlinear editing usecases will be improved soon).

Also, numerous fixes and improvements have been added to the timeline's clip thumbnailers, various fixes have been added to the application version checking, the way dependencies are checked on startup has been reworked, some features have become contextual, papercut fixes have been implemented to keyframe curves, the playback and render of DV files have been fixed, the rendering to MP4 container formats has been improved, and various ylint errors have been fixed.

Check the official announcement for a complete list of changes. Download Pitivi 0.93 Beta right now from Softpedia. Be sure to check the crowdfunding report for Pitivi and spread the word so that the developers manage to release an awesome version.

Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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