Nokia to Expand Its Mapping Service in India

The company has partnered with other mapping companies for this

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is already offering enhanced mapping coverage for a long list of cities in India, but it seems that the company is aiming at further expanding the reach of its service.

At the moment, Nokia Maps are available in over 4,000 cities around the country, with over 7 million points of interest available for users.

However, more of these will soon be added to the service, courtesy of partnerships with other location-based companies, a recent article on reads.

In fact, it appears that Nokia has already signed agreements with these companies; at least this is what Vipul Mehrotra, Nokia India director reportedly stated.

“We have already tied up with Yahoo, Bing,, MapQuest, T-Mobile, Pioneer and automobile companies. We are looking for more,” Vipul Mehrotra, who is also head of smart services at Nokia, stated.

Nokia’s Maps service is currently available on around 200 countries globally, and benefits from constant updates coming from over 80,000 partners worldwide.

According to Mehrotra, the service expansion planned for India includes live traffic updates for Nokia users in the country, in addition to providing info on hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and other points of interest there.

"Presently only Mumbai and Delhi have live traffic facility, which we expect to expand to other cities so that the user can get the exact information of time required to reach a particular location as per the daily traffic conditions," he said.

Nokia has been praising the benefits of its mapping technology for a long time, and is also touting its features embedded in the upcoming Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones.

The company also promised the availability of Nokia Maps for more Windows Phone handsets, including those coming from other mobile phone makers. At the moment, Nokia Maps are available for other popular operating systems out there as well, courtesy of the company’s mobile website.

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