Nokia's Windows Phones in Q4 2011, Released on a Country-by-Country Basis

The company is confident that its Windows Phones will attract users

Nokia will manage to launch its first Windows Phone-based devices before the end of the ongoing year, the company's CEO has confirmed in a recent interview.

Stephen Elop reaffirmed Nokia's commitment to make its first Windows Phone devices available for purchase before the end of the ongoing year, though he did not offer specific info on the countries that will receive these phones.

However, he did say that the company plans on launching these phones progressively around the world, on a country-by-country basis.

Clearly, the roll-out will stretch beyond the fourth quarter of 2011, though it remains to be seen how long it will take for these devices to arrive in most markets around the globe.

We already learned that there might be only six European countries included in the initial launch area, and that countries like Australia, Portugal or the United States might not receive Nokia's new handsets until next year, but confirmation still has to emerge on this.

In addition to confirming Q4 launch plans for Windows Phones from Nokia, Stephen Elop also took the time to offer some info on what these devices should include, as the video embedded below shows (via WMPoweruser).

Apparently, the company was focused on coming up with a great experience for customers who will choose Nokia Windows Phones, as well as with a series of applications and services that are powered by Nokia, such as Maps.

When asked whether Symbian users will be attracted to Nokia's new Windows Phones, he seemed pretty confident that these devices will conquer their hearts:

We believe that the quality of the experience with the new Nokia devices will be very attractive to existing Symbian customers, as well as to customers of other operating system environments.

We have done some surveys of early customers of people using out new products (they've seen our new products in a private setting), and the feedback we get from them relative to the other environments is very positive.

As well, we'll be doing some things to help Symbian users move certain information to a new Nokia device, to help them with that transition.

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