Nokia's First Windows Phone Emerges

This fall, Nokia should bring to the market their first Windows Phone handset, and we are all wondering just how that might look, since no specific info on the matter was unveiled for the time being, but that seems to have changed courtesy of leaked photos and a video that just emerged into the wild.

What appears to be the very first Nokia Windows Phone should arrive on the market with a design similar to the one Nokia's MeeGo-based N9 sports.

The device, codenamed Sea Ray, was showcased to the audience at the unveiling of Nokia N9 and, although it was supposed to be 'super confidential,' it still made an appearance on the Internet.

The handset sports a similar outer design as the company's N9, but has the flash LED accompanying the 8-megapixel photo snapper on the back placed differently.

The handset supposedly runs under Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango, just as Nokia announced recently that its first handsets powered by this OS would.

In addition to some photos with the new mobile phone, you can also have a look at a video in which Nokia CEO Stephen Elop presents it.

The three buttons that any Windows Phone should include are not visible in the first photo to the left, but the video below, available courtesy of (via Engadget), will unveil more on it, including the clearly different back and the hardware buttons on the side.

This is only one of the Windows Phones that Nokia has in store for us for the ongoing year, as the company's CEO stated.

When exactly they would arrive on the market, it remains to be seen, as nothing was detailed specifically on this for the time being.

However, Nokia did confirm that it will release more than one Windows Phone handset before the end of this year, and previous rumors suggested that late October might be the launch time frame (during Nokia World).

Until more on the matter is made available, have a look at the video embedded below to make an idea of what Nokia's first Windows Phone might look like.


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