Nokia’s Best 2012 Phones: Lumia 900, Lumia 920 and 808 PureView

The three most innovative Nokia handsets of last year

Last year, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia announced plans to move to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and leave its Symbian OS aside, but it seems that the old platform still has a lot to offer to the world.

In fact, the company considers the Symbian-based Nokia 808 PureView as one of the three best handsets it launched in 2012.

The handset was made official in February at the 2012 Mobile World Congress as the first smartphone in the world to sport a 41-megapixel photo snapper.

The handset can deliver great imaging capabilities, Nokia says. Furthermore, it is proud to mention the Best of Show award that the 808 PureView received at the MWC 2012 show.

The Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, the company’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, is another phone worthy of receiving the name of Best of 2012, Nokia says.

“The Nokia Lumia 920 packs such a punch that it’s been dubbed the ‘world’s most innovative smartphone’. As well you know, it’s a multi-award winning phone and takes the Lumia platform one step further,” a post on Nokia Conversations reads.

“Windows Phone 8 allows more personalization, more apps are available and the hardware is equally as impressive.”

The third device on the list, but the first to have been actually launched, is the Nokia Lumia 900, the Windows Phone handset that first proved that Nokia could be successful once again, even with devices running under Microsoft’s mobile OS.

The handset managed to raise the bar in the Windows Phone segment with a large screen, a fast processor and support for 4G LTE connectivity in some markets, features that helped it win the “Best Phone of CES 2012” award a year ago.

According to said post on Nokia Conversations, these are the three phones that the Finnish handset vendor launched last year that are worth being called the best of 2012.

“Those that have broken new ground, delivered innovations that exposed us to exciting features and that made being involved in the Nokia ecosystem a properly stimulating place to be,” the post reads. Let us know in the comment section if you agree with their picks.


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