Nokia X+ and Nokia XL Coming to India with 4GB Memory Card Included

The smartphones will be launched sometime in early Q2 2014

Good news for Nokia fans anxiously waiting for the Finnish company to bring its X+ and XL Android smartphones to the market, as both devices will come bundled with more goodies then we originally thought.

Nokia has just confirmed during a Q&A session that’s been published on its Conversations blog that both X+ and XL smartphones will be packed with free microSD cards by default.

According to their official spec sheets, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL come with only 4GB of storage inside, which is definitely not enough for the average Android user.

Although Nokia confirmed that the smartphones would also feature microSD slots for storage expansion, the fact that these devices are aimed at users who can’t afford better, more expensive Android smartphones means that they would barely have enough money to buy microSD cards separately.

Thankfully, Nokia thought it would be nice to offer those loyal fans who purchase any of the two smartphones a little bit of help.

The company confirmed that Nokia X+ and Nokia XL would arrive in India bundled with 4GB memory cards. That will probably offer users more storage to start with, but they will be able further expand internal memory, as the handsets support up to 32GB microSD cards.

In the same piece of news, Nokia also said that neither smartphone in the X family comes with the WhatsApp Messenger application installed.

However, users will be able to download and install WhatsApp via third-party app stores such as Aptoide and 1Mobile. The same goes for Instagram, which can be found on 1Mobile.

Skype for Nokia X
Skype for Nokia X

According to Nokia, the HERE Maps services included within the X series offer both online and offline functionality and feature maps available for around 200 countries.

Keep in mind though that the point-by-point navigation using these services only covers 98 countries, one of which can be selected for free.

Nokia also explained why it did not put newer Android versions on it X series smartphones. According to the company, its smartphones are on “Android Open Software Project (AOSP) and we are using the version with the broadest mainstream reach.”

“What’s most important is that we are bringing something very unique with this family: the combination of great design, access to a world of Android apps, plus signature Nokia experiences and the most popular Microsoft services.”

Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are expected to arrive in India sometime in early Q2 and will be priced at €100 ($135) and €110 ($150), respectively.


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