Nokia Updates Nokia Xpress Beta for Lumia

The app arrives with new features and various enhancements

A new version of the Nokia Xpress Beta for Lumia application is coming out from the Nokia Beta Labs, with various enhancements and new features packed inside.

The new application release was spotted as version 0.9.8, with changes to the UX and performance, as well as with improved features.

“Nokia is pleased to launch an update of the Nokia Xpress for Lumia (Beta). The app is powered by Nokia’s cutting edge cloud-based Xpress internet platform that delivers new experiences to our customers that go well beyond typical mobile browsing,” Nokia notes.

The team of developers over at the Nokia Beta Labs also notes that the new version of the app builds on the popular features previously available in the app, such as Magazine, Data Usage Dashboard and Translate.

The release notes for the new app flavor include:

- Download images – Long press on an image to download and save images to your Lumia device

- Support of concurrent multiple tabs – this upgrade now delivers the ability to open multiple tabs in the browser so users can keep web pages open to view later

- Enhanced UX for the Xpress homepage

- Faster Magazine performance by intelligently pre-caching articles while on Wi-Fi

With Nokia Xpress, users should be able to save more, enjoy more and do more on their Windows Phone-based Lumia devices, the company notes.

The application was initially made available for download through the Nokia Beta Labs back in October, with features that provided users with significant data usage savings, as well as with the possibility to easily share content straight from the device.

Nokia Xpress for Lumia was released with support for Windows Phone 8 devices as well, though it still has a series of issues that need to be resolved, such as the fact that no option to open links in new tab or to download images appears when long pressing on a link or image.

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