Nokia Updates Mapping Data, Adds Support for More Countries

Offering expanded coverage, better orientation for Windows Phone users

Nokia has made a series of enhancements to its Maps recently, now offering support for more countries around the world, in addition to other new features and improvements.

All these changes should already be visible to the owners of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices, the company notes.

Those users who haven’t been notified as of yet on the availability of the newly updated mapping data from the company should perform a manual check on their handsets to retrieve it.

For that, they simply need to go to settings > applications > maps > check for updates, a recent post on Nokia Conversations explains.

Among the changes that users will benefit from, Nokia includes expanded coverage in Serbia (including Kosovo) and Israel.

“You can now search for places and calculate precise routes in these two countries too and soon we will also introduce turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive,” the company notes.

Additionally, Nokia has made a series of under-the-hood improvements to its maps, so that they would provide users with a “better representation of the reality, more clarity and easier orientation.”

“Every detail of our maps has been designed to provide the best experience. This abstraction is getting so precise, that may not need to look at satellite images anymore, if this is what you used to do to better orientate yourself,” said post explains.

Shapes are more precise and detailed in this release, better representing roads, coastlines and streams. Furthermore, the company now offers more details of wooded areas in Russia, Norway and Sweden, for better orientation.

“Pedestrian paths have been extended to more areas, including lesser-known parks, providing better walk navigation,” the company also says.

Nokia’s Maps has seen an extra 133,000 km of roads being added or amended in the UK alone. Similarly, the company has improved its service for other countries around the world.

“Similar or larger numbers are valid for many other countries too. In Italy, for example, we already added the tunnel under Roma Tiburtina or in Germany the roads to the future main Berlin airport,” Nokia Conversations concludes.

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