Nokia Transport 2.3 Beta Now Available for Download

The new version brings larger icons, improved station search and more

Nokia Transport is one of the few mobile applications that offer in-depth info and navigation on cities’ public transport.

The application is currently available on Lumia smartphones and is likely to be fully compatible with the latest generation of Windows Phone 8 devices that will be released by Nokia.

Although Nokia Transport is still in beta, the latest version brings a new set of features and improvements, which indicate that the application is close to go gold.

In this new version of the application, developers focused on making Nokia Transports more intuitive and easier to use while on the move. In this regard, Nokia confirmed most of the icons have been increased in size so they can offer a more “glanceable” experience.

In addition, new icons have been introduced that tag different modes of transport, such as train, bus and subway. Nokia added new icons for shops and restaurants as well.

The latest version of Nokia Transports also features improved station search: “searching just got more precise and relevant. Simply enter the name of your station and Transport prioritizes public transport stations to the top of your search results. No more scrolling to find what you’re looking for. Just type, tap, and go.”

More importantly, users of the application will be able to update Nokia Transport wirelessly. Information on service changes, new routes and new added cities will now be pushed to the phones OTA (over the air) automatically.

Nokia Transport 2.3 for Windows Phone is exclusively available on Lumia smartphones and features transportation info on over 550 cities worldwide.

Nokia also notes that for cities where public transport schedules are published and available, the application provides timetable routing, which is one of the most accurate routing options. For more details on the list of cities where coverage is available check out Nokia’s website.

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