Nokia Teases Lumia Apps for University Students

A series of apps that can easily boost a Lumia user's productivity

Nokia’s Lumia smartphones arrive on shelves with a variety of pre-loaded, exclusive applications from the company itself, yet there are also a variety of other apps that users can download and install on them to expand their capabilities.

Some of these applications are meant to enhance the productivity capabilities of Lumia smartphones, and Nokia has started teasing some of them, suggesting that university students would find them more that appealing.

The first of them is Microsoft Office, which comes on all Lumia smartphones, enabling users to create and edit Word documents, Excel files, and even PowerPoint presentations while on the go.

But that’s not all, as Lumia users can also download and install Adobe Reader on their devices, so as to be able to open and view PDF files when on the road.

“There’s a good chance you’ll receive plenty of these during your three or more years at university, with everything from coursework to dissertations often being emailed in PDF format,” a recent post on Nokia Conversations reads.

Next in line comes the Scientific Calculator, an application designed to provide users with the features and capabilities needed when it comes to carrying out advanced calculations.

With OALD (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) on their smartphones, university students will enjoy access to millions of different words, spellings, synonyms, and examples of context.

There is also a Wikipedia app available for Nokia Lumia devices, along with the already popular HERE Maps, which, in fact, comes pre-loaded on these handsets.

Other applications that could easily prove of great help to university students and other users alike include Voice Recorder Free, SkyDrive, and Flashlight-X.

Furthermore, there’s the Internship Lens augmented reality app that landed on Lumia devices not long ago, and which enables students to find internship opportunities in their immediate vicinity.

The application also “helps you to track down the best people in your social networks to get ahead in the job world. It’s the ideal tool for students coming to the end of their studies, although at present Internship Lens is only available in the US,” said post concludes.

All of these applications can be found in the Windows Phone Store, so head over there to take them for a spin, if you haven’t done so already.

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