Nokia Talks Package Tracker, Powered by HERE Maps

An easy to use app for keeping track of parcels on Windows Phones

One of the appealing applications that was made available for Windows Phone users is Package Tracker, a software powered by Nokia’s HERE mapping platform, which can provide useful and accurate parcel tracking, and which is already supported by many couriers.

What’s highly appealing in this tracking app is the fact that you have it with you at all times on your handset, without having to log onto the courier’s website to learn more on the status of your parcel.

According to Nokia, there are 60 courier companies that will share info on users’ packages in this app, and all that people need to do is to select the specific name from the available list.

“If the courier company you’re using isn’t there, the team behind the app are more than happy to add it to future updates if you email them to let them know. You can find their email address from within the contact option in the app settings,” a post on Nokia Conversations explains.

To connect the package to the phone, simply enter the provided number in the app. This can also be done through scanning barcodes when provided, as the software offers support for QR, Data Matrix, and EAN codes, among others.

“Once you’ve given your package a name, which could be handy for people handling more than one package, pressing save will take you to the details page,” Nokia notes.

“It’s here that you’ll see more information on the journey of the package, from when it was first sent out to where it’s been, and currently is. You’re also shown the estimated delivery date and time.”

Furthermore, users will be able to keep an eye on the progress of their package on a map, which should come in handy at many times. The map is accessible through simply swiping left in the app, while the courier’s website can be brought up through swiping left one more time.

Pinning an item to the phone’s homescreen enables users to keep track of the parcel even easier, and the application offers support for that as well.

The Package Tracker application comes with support for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices, and can be found on this page in the Windows Phone Store, with a price tag of $2.49 (€1.85) attached to it. A trial version is also available for download.

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