Nokia Suspends Free Developer Program, Intros Premium One

It will focus on the development of applications for Windows Phone and S40 devices

As the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices kicks in, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is streamlining its application development programs to bring them in line with its newest focuses on the smartphone market.

One of the moves that the company has made on the matter included the launch of a Nokia Premium Developer Program, which was complemented by a suspended Nokia Developer Launchpad Program.

In fact, it seems that applications that have already been submitted but were not processed will never get through the certification process. The company will, however, provide developer devices to eligible people who apply for one by November 30.

Additionally, the company is working on closing the invitation-only Nokia Developer Pro Program, while moving to the new initiative, which is meant to make building Windows Phone apps faster, better and more affordable.

“We are in the process of refreshing our developer programs to focus more tightly on our core platforms, Windows Phone and Series 40. As a result, we are not currently accepting new applications for Nokia Developer Launchpad and Nokia Developer Pro programs,” the company notes on its developer portal.

Also there, it explains that it has launched the new Premium Developer Program, which should provide application builders with a great deal of benefits.

“The Nokia Premium Developer Program is a package of Windows Phone-related tools and services designed to help you develop great looking, high-performance apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones,” the company notes.

“For a program membership cost of only $99 (USD)/year, you’ll get tools and services with a suggested retail value of up to $1,500 (USD).”

Those who would like to join the program will benefit from 1 year membership in Microsoft Windows Phone Dev Center, 1 license for Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone, 1 million API calls per calendar month with Buddy’s cloud API offering, as well as 2 Nokia tech support tickets, the company notes.

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