Nokia Reportedly Preps Nokia Monarch for T-Mobile

It might be an exclusive variant of Nokia Lumia 930

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly gearing up for the unveiling of some new Windows Phone-based devices as soon as the next week, during the BUILD conference, and it seems that one of them will be released in the United States on the network of T-Mobile.

No official confirmation on the matter has been provided as of now, but a recent tweet from infamous tipster @evleaks suggests that a Nokia Monarch device will land on shelves at T-Mobile soon.

Based on the codename, we can assume that this will be a high-end device, maybe an exclusive version of the Nokia Lumia 930 handset that has been rumored to make an official appearance next week at the aforementioned conference.

Nokia has already confirmed plans to bring “more Lumia” to the world on April 2, and some of the reports on the matter suggested that it could unveil two smartphones on that day, namely the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930.

The latter is expected to be revealed as a new flagship handset from the company, with features similar to those of Nokia Lumia ICON that arrived on shelves at Verizon earlier this year.

However, it might sport better hardware specifications when compared to this device, and it is also said to arrive on shelves with Windows Phone 8.1 loaded on top right from the start.

Nokia Lumia 930 could feature the codename of Martini, yet little is actually known on the hardware specifications that it will sport when launched.

However, we might see it arriving on the market with a mix of high-end features from Lumia ICON and some of the capabilities that Nokia Lumia 1520 has been released with.

Should this pan out, T-Mobile customers will have yet another highly appealing Lumia to enjoy, following the release of Nokia Lumia 925 at the carrier last year.

Enthusiasts have been certainly waiting for yet another high-end Nokia Windows Phone to be released on this operator’s network, since it has been almost a year since that happened with Lumia 925.

As mentioned above, the hardware specifications of this mobile phone have yet to be unveiled, and it also remains to be seen when exactly the new device will be launched and what price tag it will feature.

Given T-Mobile’s current pricing scheme, it would not come too much as a surprise if the phone was launched at $0 upfront on one of the carrier’s plans, but this is only our supposition for the time being.

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