Nokia Releases Play To App for Windows Phone 8

A mobile application that makes sharing of content easier

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has finally made the Play To sharing application available for download for its Windows Phone 8 users, though only in a beta flavor for the time being.

The software had been previously released on Windows Phone 7 devices, but this is the first app iteration to offer support for WP8 Lumia handsets as well.

With this application, users can easily share photos, videos and music from the smartphone to a DLNA-capable device, including a TV set or a laptop.

With the Play To application, Nokia aimed at making sharing of files much easier than before between a user’s various connected devices.

The first release of the app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices comes with some of the functionality that was available on the Windows Phone 7 flavor of the app, Nokia Beta Labs explains.

However, users interested in downloading and installing the software should know that it works only on specific firmware releases for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones.

According to the company, it can be installed only on Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones with PR1.1 (1232.5951.1249.0001) loaded on them, and the same applies to Lumia 820.

Similarly, owners of a Lumia 822 or a Lumia 810 device interested in the app will be able to install it only if they have PR1.1 loaded on their handsets. Users are advised to install the proper firmware on their handsets before proceeding with the download of this app.

On Nokia Lumia 620, however, the app will work regardless of the firmware installed on the smartphone, it seems.

“Play To doesn't yet work as a digital media server, so unfortunately it won't work with PS3.This is a feature we plan to introduce in some future release. Streaming of music is also limited to local content which is stored on the device,” Nokia Beta Labs explains.

The Play To application for Windows Phone 8 can be found on this page in the Beta Labs (registration required for download). Users who will take it for a spin are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience, so that enhancements could be made.

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