Nokia Recommends New Apps for Windows Phone Devices

Such as Connectivity Shortcuts, or Battery Status

Nokia’s Lumia smartphones can take advantage of a nice range of applications to enhance the experience provided to users, regardless of whether they have been developed by Nokia or by third-party developers.

Especially when it comes to Nokia’s Lumia 920, Lumia 820 or Lumia 620 smartphones, apps can easily expand the functionality of the device.

According to a recent post on Nokia Conversations, users should consider downloading and installing system apps that could help them get the most out of their Lumia handset.

One of these apps is called Connectivity Shortcuts, aimed at enabling users to easily toggle their connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and the like, which should result in increased battery life.

“The entire app can be pinned to your Start screen or if you need to access to one option more often than the others, such as the WiFi setting, then that can be pinned individually to your Start screen,” said blog post explains. is another useful application for Lumia devices, available for download for free, the same as Connectivity Shortcuts.

Through it, users can test the connection speed of their smartphones. The app can work with both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections, depending on what users want to test.

Flashlight-X is another free application that could prove a great option more often than not. Just as its name suggests, the app turns the camera’s flash into a torch, to make it easier for users to find their way in the dark.

Nokia Conversations also recommends the use of apps such as Stopwatch & Timer and Battery Status, both available for free as well. They provide timer and stopwatches, along with the possibility to easily keep an eye on the battery usage of the device.

“As well as showing you the current status, it also tells you the estimated time you have remaining, your average time between charges and other detailed statistics about your battery usage,” Nokia Conversations explains.

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