Nokia Pulls Billing Support on N9 in China, Only Free Apps Now Available

The company claims it will upgrade its store billing system in China

It looks like Nokia has started dropping support for its N9 smartphone. Bad news for those who own the device and are living in China, as the Finnish company announced it would not support billing on Nokia N9 in China anymore.

UnleashThePhones reports Nokia did not even alert MeeGo developers in advance that it would drop support for store billing on N9 in China.

Instead, the Finnish handset maker informed developers of the change and stated that there’s nothing that they can do to sell their MeeGo apps in China.

“Recently we are going to deploy an upgrade of store billing to improve the billing in China, but unfortunately as a side effect of this, we will lose billing support on N9, which means content on N9 can’t be billed in China anymore.”

MeeGo devs who still wish to have their apps available for download in China, the largest mobile market, will have to offer them for free.

“We contact you because you’ve published excellent apps into N9, China, but as a result of above, we have to take down all your paid content lived on N9 China shortly:

- If your content is published into China only then it will be unpublished (for the user who ever purchased your content before, it still can be re-downloaded via store);

- If your content is published into areas including China, then only China distribution will be rejected and won’t affect other areas.

There is no action required but inform you about this. If you still wish to have your N9 content published into China, please make it a free version and resubmit it.”

Although the Nokia N9 is less than 2 years old, it looks like the Finnish company is determined to slowly kill support for the MeeGo-based smartphone.

Luckily, those who are still emotionally attached by this platform will be able to try out Jolla’s upcoming devices, which are set to arrive on the market in Q1 2013.

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