Nokia Plans Slimmer PureView Handsets

The company might not pack 41MP camera sensors in them

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, Nokia unveiled to the world its first smartphone packing a 41-megapixel photo snapper, namely the Nokia 808 PureView.

The handset is impressive, especially due to its camera capabilities, but the facts that it is quite bulky when compared to today’s slim high-end devices and that it runs under Symbian can be seen as deal breakers.

However, it seems that this might change in future models, and that Nokia aims at launching slimmer, more appealing PureView handsets.

Vesa Jutila, head of product marketing for the 808 PureView, reportedly confirmed that the company was working on new high-quality imaging devices, but he did not offer specific details on a planned model.

However, Jutila did say that Nokia was considering a series of ways in which it would include high-end Zeiss optic and Nokia's oversampling technology inside such devices, so as to avoid the need for optical zoom.

Nokia is already working on its next-generation camera sensors, he said, confirming that slimmer models are a viable possibility.

Moreover, he also added that upcoming PureView smartphones might not necessarily sport 41-megapixel camera sensors, but he did not offer other info on this.

Previously, Nokia was rumored to plan the release of new devices in the PureView range, and it was also said to have plans for loading Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system on some of these handsets.

If Nokia indeed manages to make the phones slimmer but keep the advanced camera features, it will have highly-appealing smartphones on shelves soon, thus being capable to better compete against devices powered by Android.

However, Nokia has yet to offer an official confirmation on the matter, since nothing was formally announced just yet. Hopefully, it won’t be that long before they manage to bring something out, as they definitely need new devices to regain some market share.

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