Nokia Offers Tips on Using the Smart Shoot App for Lumia Devices

Users can easily remove objects or change faces in photos

A few weeks ago, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia officially announced the availability of the Smart Shoot app for its Windows Phone 8 Lumia users, meant at providing them with a better imaging experience than before.

The new mobile application is available for download as one of the digital camera lens applications designed for the Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 smartphones.

The software was meant to extend the features and capabilities of the device, in ways that could not be available otherwise.

The Smart Shoot app was designed to enable users to come up with photos that best represent moments they wanted to immortalize.

The app shoots a series of images, which allows users to change faces and remove any unwanted objects from the frame, thus creating the perfect picture.

To launch the app, users can either hit the dedicated app shortcut, or can go to the lens picker on the camera’s viewfinder (represented there through an icon with two horizontal arrows pointing in opposite directions).

“When Smart Shoot is open the first thing you’ll see is a regular viewfinder and a message along the top reading ‘hold the phone steady’,” a post on Nokia Conversations explains.

“This is important because the camera will take a sequence of photos for you to then select the best faces or to remove unwanted objects. You’ll only need to hold the smartphone still for a few seconds – a dial on the screen tells you when it’s done.”

The app will offer a view of the shots taken, allowing users to select the one that better fits their needs. Simply press save if the perfect photo is already there.

At the same time, users will also be able to remove objects or use a combination of different faces from the series of shots, provided that the camera did not immortalize the moment as they wanted it to.

“Tapping anywhere on the screen will bring up the menu. Tap on the ‘pencil’ edit icon to bring up the two options, erase objects or change faces,” said post explains.

“By selecting ‘erase objects’ Smart Shoot will then automatically detect people or things that have strayed into the edges of your shot.” The app will show one or more objects that can be removed from the shot.

Using the change faces feature is easy as well. Simply select it from the menu and all faces in the photo will be detected and circled. When selecting a face, the slider tool to the right will be engaged, and sliding through it will display the different shots already taken. Simply hit the tick icon when ready.

Users can do this action for each of the faces in the photo, thus coming up with the shot they wanted to capture from the beginning. When done editing, click the save button to have the photo stored on the phone.

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