Nokia N97 mini Tastes Software Update

Nokia N97 mini is among the handsets that have recently got a new software version from their makers, with its firmware bring brought up to version 30.0.004.

The new software update for the Nokia N97 mini brings forth a wide range of enhancements, it seems, along with updated applications and a series of performance improvements.

The new firmware weighs in at only 17MB, and is reportedly available for download either through the Nokia Software Updater application on the desktop PC (the Ovi Suite), or over the air, straight from the mobile phone.

The software update is said to be part of the set of upgrades that Nokia announced last week for its Symbial 3.2 and 5.0 devices, and brings the the browser up to the same version as in Symbian Anna, while updating the Maps to 3.6 and offering a range of other enhancements as well.

The changelog for the new software update for Nokia N97 mini includes:

- Web application updated to 7.3 with new UI and updated WebKit engine

- Updated Ovi Maps 3 to Service Release 6 (also known as 3.06 / 3.6)

- Emoticon support in Messaging for SMS and MMS

- Smart dialler added to homescreen

- Updated version of Nokia Messaging with improved HTML support

- Ovi Contacts removed, intended replacement is Nokia IM

- General performance and stability improvements

The new version of the Web application is among the most important enhancements that the new firmware 30.0.004 brings on Nokia N97 mini, it seems.

The new browser version comes with a far more intuitive user interface than before (address / search bar, more browser features accessible via two buttons at the bottom of the screen), and also includes support for HTML 5, as well as for CSS 3 and for JavaScript 1.8.

As usual with Nokia's software updates, the upgrade might not appear to all users at the same time, but it will certainly be released for all of them in a matter of weeks.

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