Nokia N95, the Mini Edition

The smallest N95 clone

Nokia N95 clones are nothing unusual to see. However, one of the latest N95-wannabe devices is something really special. Not due to its features, but because it's a mini version of the popular Nseries smartphone. It's a Nokia N95 that people with small hands will probably find a lot easier to use than the original version.

Named "Leady MM95" (standing for "mini mini 95", I guess), the new phone weighs 72 grams and measures 76.1 x 41 x 17.8 millimeters - still a bit bulky. The device looks exactly like an N95, with its dual-sliding form factor and all, so the producer that made it was careful with all the details.

Since it's way smaller than the real N95, the MM95 comes with "diminished features" too. For example, its screen is a 2.2 inch one with 260K colors and 320 x 240 pixels, while its camera is only a VGA one with video recording.

Other specs that the tiny N95-like handset offers are: dual-band GSM connectivity (900 / 1800 MHz - hence it can't work in North America), Bluetooth, FM radio, WAP browser, e-book reader, Video and music players, games, stopwatch, To Do list, calendar, alarm, calculator and a 512MB memory card.

All in all, this little MM95 is quite original for an unoriginal device and it can definitely go for the "funniest-ever Nokia N95 clone" title. We're waiting for other contestants to be sure, though - and we know we won't be waiting in vain, as copycatting has become a truly popular activity lately, when it comes to mobile phones.

Users who feel they want to try out an MM95 can buy the phone unlocked, for only $169.99 (about 110 Euros), via eBay (at this address), in any of the three color versions available: pink, sand or black.


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