Nokia N9 Users Start Petition to Receive Updates, Bug Fixes

They demand for Nokia to deliver on the promise to support the device until 2015

Nokia’s N9 smartphone, the only device in the company’s lineup to be commercialized with the MeeGo platform loaded on it, has been around for quite a while now, although it registered little success on the market.

However, enthusiasts did purchase it, and many are pleased with their option, except for the fact that the handset still features a series of bugs that affect the overall experience with it.

With Nokia seemingly having no plans on providing updates for the phone, some of these users decided to start a petition asking the company to reconsider its position towards their handsets.

The N9 was promised updates even after Nokia chose to adopt Windows Phone for its smartphones, and people are eager to receive them, it seems.

“Anyway, it has still a few issues: the battery level suddenly drops to 4% when battery is stressed or randomly changes after reboot, sms bugs, the calendar view or the missing copy/paste in mail... Lots of issues were already reported to the bug tracker,” the petition reads.

The document also mentions the fact that there are some missing features in core apps on the device, such as Facebook and Twitter, and that other such applications are plagued with random crashes, such as the Store app.

“Now, these are simple but annoying bugs and what we request is a bug fixing, which we think is due also because support was promised until 2015,” the petition continues.

“Everyone here is aware of the decision to focus on Windows Phone but please Nokia, don't forget about us and above all don't forget that we are largely loyal customers that believed in you also in the darkest days of your history. Making us happy giving us finally a fully reliable product is not a big effort for you.”

Over 350 people have already signed the petition, but more are needed to back it up to make a difference, that’s for sure. Those who would like to show their support for the cause should head over to this page for that.

Recently, Nokia showed increased interest towards the needs of its Windows Phone users who were waiting for an Instagram app, and might very well consider showing some love to those who purchased the N9, that’s for sure. Stay tuned for more on this.

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