Nokia: N8 Ships as Planned, Users Receive It in October

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has just updated earlier sayings regarding the official launch of its flagship device, the Nokia N8.

According to the company, the Symbian^3-based handset hasn't been delayed, and the phone maker expects it to be shipped by end of September, though this does not mean that users would get it at that time.

“As we have previously said, we still expect to start the shipments by the end of the third quarter. As with every global launch, when the device reaches the hand of the customer will vary by market and operator,” the handset vendor announced via Nokia Conversations.

“We have received a record number of online pre-orders for the Nokia N8. We had targeted our online pre-order customers to receive their N8s by the end of September".

“As it can take time from the beginning of shipment to arriving at their doorstep, in full transparency, we have advised our pre-order customers that they should expect their new Nokia N8 in October,” the company concludes.

In other words, even if the N8 is set to ship at the end of September, user should expect to get their hands on it only in October, even if the company does not specify when exactly that would happen.

Unfortunately, the leading mobile phone maker does not offer specific details on what we should expect when September is over.

Hopefully, the Nokia N8 will indeed ship to those who pre-ordered it with a delay of only a few days, and they will get it in early October, but there's no certainty that this might happen so.

Many enthusiasts already started to lose their patience when it comes to the arrival of the high-end device (a quick look at the comments on this announcement will show this), especially since the company already pushed it back a few times before.

Hopefully, the rumors on Nokia N8's availability will prove false and Nokia does manage to put N8 on shelves before the end of this month, but nothing is sure for the time being.

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