Nokia Maps Does Not Cover Cyprus and Israel at the Moment

Nokia says that coverage should become available in the coming months

Nokia’s Maps is one of the most popular navigation services in the world, but it seems that it still has some glitches that the company needs to address in the shortest period of time possible.

One of them includes the lack of coverage for Cyprus and Israel, which might be a major drawback for users interested in the purchase of a Windows Phone 8 device.

As you might know, one aspect of the collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia on the Windows Phone platform included the availability of Nokia’s mapping service for the mobile operating system.

Nokia’s Windows Phones have already arrived on shelves with Nokia Maps loaded on them, and the new Windows Phone 8 devices from the company, namely Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, feature it as well.

Moreover, the Windows Phone Maps app that will be available for devices coming from other manufacturers out there will also be based on Nokia’s service, although it would have a different interface and features.

At the moment, Nokia touts its mapping capabilities as being the most advanced in the world, with coverage available for over 190 countries and regions, with more of them expected to receive the service soon.

As response to an inquiry on the lack of maps for Cyprus and Israel, Nokia Australia told Cnet that the company is working on making the service available for these countries as well.

“Nokia has the world's largest maps and navigation platform, with voice-guided navigation for around 100 countries worldwide and maps available for over 190 countries and regions. As per Nokia's long-standing policy, we are committed to neutrality and impartiality with regards to political issues,” the company said.

“While we currently do not offer maps for Cyprus, we work hard on refining and improving Nokia Maps continuously and make maps available in as many countries and regions as possible. Because of these efforts we are confident that we will be able to offer maps for Cyprus in the coming months.”

The same statement was provided in regard to the lack of mapping coverage of Israel as well, the news site reports.

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