Nokia Lumia X Concept, a Portable Xbox Phone

Running Windows Phone, it would offer a brand new gaming experience

Today’s mobile phones have a lot to offer in terms of gaming capabilities, even if the experience is not the same as on the large screen of a PC or on the console.

However, users of Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, among other, can enjoy a nice range of highly appealing, optimized games today.

To up the ante, Sony Ericsson came to the market last year with an Android smartphone specifically designed for gaming, the Xperia PLAY, though it did not enjoy the expected success.

Even so, enthusiasts around the world continued to dream of a smartphone that could offer the better of the two worlds, and a concept device based on this idea has emerged recently.

We’re referring here to the Nokia Lumia X smartphone concept, which would run under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, the same as all other Lumia handsets from the company, and which would also offer Xbox controls for a better gaming experience.

Coming from Bob Freking, the handset resembles a lot what Xperia PLAY looked like, since it has the same sliding form factor and a gamepad with gaming controls hidden beneath the screen.

Unlike the already available phone, Lumia X would feature an Xbox 360 controller, so that those Xbox LIVE games that Windows Phone users can access would feel more like on the console than on a handset.

According to the designer, the phone comes with two analog sticks that are not movable, as well as with the usual Xbox logo in the middle of the pad.

The concept device also features rounded upper and lower parts, a large touchscreen, and the usual Windows Phone buttons beneath the display.

Of course, this is not the first time a designer imagines an Xbox phone, but it’s the first one that would feature Nokia’s logo on it, which could easily make it a bit more appealing if actually released on the market.

At the moment, Microsoft and its partners are working on the launch of Windows Phone 8, which brings along support for better hardware. Great new handsets should land on shelves this fall, though we doubt that any will actually look as the Nokia Lumia X concept.


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