Nokia Lumia 999 Concept Phone Looks Great from All Angles

Although it was pictured only in black and white shades

Fans of Nokia’s Windows Phone-based Lumia devices are certainly wondering about the company’s plans for the future of the series, especially now that the handsets have started to pick up steam on the market.

The Finnish mobile phone maker is keeping mum on what the future might bring to them, but that doesn’t prevent designers from coming up with their vision of Nokia’s next Lumias.

One of these comes in the form of the Nokia Lumia 999 Concept, and it has been published on Phone Designer’s Facebook page.

No details on what the handset might include in terms of hardware specifications have been offered, but the images speak for themselves.

The phone was pictured in black and white shades, which makes the whole concept even more intriguing, especially with Nokia stressing a lot on the color options that its customers can enjoy when it comes to Lumia devices.

Even so, we can admire this concept handset from a great deal of angles, so as to have a good look at all of the design details of its Aluminum body.

“This is the new Nokia Lumia 999 Concept. The properties are same to me. But I can say it has a 4.3" screen and it consists of aluminum,” the designer notes.

“The hardware buttons are pressure sensitive (not capacitive) but you can't push it mechanically. It is a return to the old Lumia design line - more symmetrically.”

Clearly, Nokia does need more Windows Phone smartphones with great build, the same as both its flagship Lumia 920 and the other devices in the Lumia series were launched with, and a phone resembling the Lumia 999 concept would fit great in the family.

However, this is only a concept phone, and chances are that it will remain as such. All we can do at the moment is to have a look at the photos available with it and imagine how it would look like if dressed up in the bright colors of Windows Phone 8.


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