Nokia Lumia 950 Windows Phone 8 Concept Features Glowing Notifications

It also sports a curved design, Gorilla Glass wrapped all around it

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 devices have already proven to be highly appealing to users all around the world, and they might become even more popular next year should Nokia decide to bring to shelves new, better smartphones.

Enthusiasts are already dreaming of what the company might have in store for them in the coming years in terms of hardware, and some of them even came up with concepts to show to the world their vision of the future.

One of these concepts comes from Zelig Fok, who is an industrial design student, and is called Nokia Lumia 950 (via MyNokiaBlog).

As the model number would suggest, this device should arrive on shelves as the successor of Nokia’s Lumia 920 smartphone, with specs and features that would reflect that.

Furthermore, it sports a curved body at the front and back, which gives it a new, better feel in the hand.

At the same time, the handset sports glowing color notifications at the top and bottom, further enhancing the personal feeling that Windows Phone 8 is said to be delivering.

The handset is indeed powered by this mobile operating system, but its designer hasn’t decided yet on what hardware specs the concept might pack inside.

He does say, however, that the phone sports Gorilla Glass wrapped all around it, which should deliver a no-bezel effect.

Based on the color theme that the user has chosen for the homescreen, the translucent plastic at the top and bottom will glow to inform on missed calls, texts and other notifications. They can also be set to glow in a color that the user has designated in advance.

On the back, there’s a high-quality photo snapper with a sliding lens cap as Nokia’s N97 featured. The camera is similar with the PureView sensor inside 808, the designer notes.

The same as Lumia 920, the concept device features wireless charging capabilities. Unfortunately, it is merely a concept device for the time being, though chances are that Nokia will turn it into a commercial product sometime in the future.


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