Nokia Lumia 930 Gets Delayed Until at Least Mid-July, but Only in Russia

Hopefully, the smartphone will be released in other regions on time

The most expensive Windows Phone 8.1 introduced by Microsoft a few months ago, the Lumia 930, is supposed to make its debut in various countries in early July.

Although the launch of the smartphone hasn’t been confirmed in too many countries, here is some news that provides Windows Phone fans with a relative timeframe for the launch of the Lumia 930.

According to the Russian Nokia N-Store, the Lumia 930 will not be available in the country until at least mid-July. The smartphone was initially slated for a late June release, but it looks like Microsoft may be faced with high demand for the smartphone, which can’t be fulfilled so easily.

Reports of Lumia 930’s delay in the Motherland come via Russian forum, which has managed to confirm through its own sources that the smartphone has been indeed delayed for the second part of July.

Even though the real reasons behind the postponing of the Lumia 930 in Russia are unknown, rumor has it that it may have something to do with the integration of Nokia’s structures in the country by Microsoft.

Nokia Lumia 930 was originally confirmed to arrive in Russia on June 30 via Nokia Store, but not it looks like the launch of the smartphone has been pushed back by at least two weeks.

The price of the smartphone hasn’t been announced yet, but it will probably be slightly more expensive than the European price.

The Lumia 930 would be the first high-end smartphone launched by Microsoft to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 operating system out of the box.

Obviously, this is not the only Windows Phone 8.1 handset, but fans looking for a top tier smartphone will have to grab the Lumia 930, as there are no other alternatives until Microsoft releases the Windows Phone 8.1 update for all Lumia handsets.

All in all, the Lumia 930 is a solid choice for Windows Phone fans. The smartphone has a powerful 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, an Adreno 330 graphics processing unit and 2GB of RAM.

It doesn’t come with microSD card slot, but it offers 32GB of internal memory, along with 15GB of free cloud storage via OneDrive.

Another strong point of the Lumia 930 would be the exceptional 5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display that supports full HD (1080p) resolution and features Corning Gorilla Glass 3 coating.

If the rumors prove to be accurate, then we shouldn’t see Microsoft delaying the Lumia 930 in other countries except Russia, but we will keep an eye out for any additional details, so stay tuned.

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