Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung GALAXY Note 2 Coming to AT&T on October 21 (Report)

Both smartphones will be launched after Apple’s iPhone 5 hits shelves

The hotly anticipated Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are expected to make their entrance on the smartphone market in the following weeks.

Although we don't have exact release dates announced by either of the handset makers, it looks like the folks at BGR have been able to confirm with a trusted source that both Lumia 920 and Galaxy Note 2 would arrive at AT&T on October 21.

That goes in line with Samsung's CEO, JK Shin, who mentioned at IFA 2012 trade fair that the Galaxy Note 2 wouldn't be launched on the market earlier than October.

However, we're not sure how Nokia will be able to launch its flagship smartphone in late October, especially given the latest rumors that indicate Microsoft still has a lot to work on Windows Phone 8.

The only thing that's certain is the fact that both handsets will face fierce competition from Apple's iPhone, which is set to arrive one month prior.

It will be interesting to see how well Lumia 920 and Galaxy Note 2 will fare against the iPhone 5, though it's really surprising that all three smartphones will be available for purchase through the same carrier.

None of the US-based carriers have been able to sign exclusive rights for the sale of any of the three smartphones, which can only benefit customers.

This means that most customers won't have to submit to long-term contracts with operators they hate, as all three smartphones are likely to be available from leading carriers in the US.

iPhone 5 has already been confirmed at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Cricket, but other network operators in the country might pick the smartphone in the following weeks as well. Sorry T-Mobile USA customers, but the iPhone 5 will most certainly not come on the carrier's airwaves.

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