Nokia Lumia 920 Stock for Microsoft Employees Relocated to Customers

Deployment of Lumia 920 units to Microsoft employees has been delayed

Nokia is in deep trouble when it comes to Lumia 920 stocks. The Finnish handset maker signed exclusivity agreements with numerous carries around the globe, but it failed to meet the high demand for Nokia Lumia 920.

Sadly, most of these carriers were offered a few months of exclusivity over the Lumia 920, though they haven’t had the smartphone in stock for quite a while now.

In order to fulfill some of the pre-orders placed in Germany, Microsoft has decided to delay the deployment of Lumia 920 to its own employees until new shipments are sent to carriers.

For those unaware, Microsoft promised back in September that each of its employees would receive a Windows Phone 8 for free.

Well, it appears that some Microsoft Germany employees won’t get their promised Windows Phone 8 devices anytime soon as the company reportedly relocated the Lumia 920 stock to customers.

WPArea has been recently tipped on this situation, which will probably make some Windows Phone 8 fans happy.

According to the cited source, “Microsoft Germany renounces in favor of the consumer on the supply of most of the internal Lumia 920 orders. They were ordered around 1500 units and only a fraction of it has been delivered. Most of the equipment was the Telekom sale left to business customers.”

Unfortunately, the amount of Nokia Lumia 920 units relocated to customers is way too low to matter, as most carriers report huge backlogs.

In the same piece of news, T-Mobile Germany announced a few days ago that it would start offering the Nokia Lumia 920 as well due to high demand.

The carrier confirmed that lots of customers were calling its hotline to ask for the Lumia 920 to be launched by their favorite carrier. Luckily, T-Mobile listened and responded positively to customers’ requests.

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