Nokia Lumia 920 Sold Out in the UK Before Shipment Arrival

UK-based retailer Clove reports it has sold out its second shipment

It’s already common knowledge that Nokia Lumia 920 is a hard-to-come-by smartphone these days.

The Finnish company is struggling to meet the high demand for its Windows Phone 8 flagship device, but to no avail.

Most carriers and retailers have depleted their Nokia Lumia 920 stocks since day one and they have yet to receive additional shipments.

Although Nokia has promised that it will try to solve the Lumia 920 shortages starting this week, we doubt the company will be able to fulfill the high demand for the smartphone.

Many carriers and retailers have been promised more shipments in the following weeks, though the Lumia 920 has huge backlogs in all countries where the device was officially introduced.

In this regard, the UK was among the first locations where the Lumia 920 hit shelves. The smartphone is exclusively available via EE (Everything Everywhere) operator and it’s sold through multiple major retailers.

Clove UK had the Lumia 920 in stock for less than a day. The first shipment of Lumia 920 sold out in a matter of hours and the second shipment was met with the same faith before it had even arrived.

The folks at WMPoweruser report that Clove UK is currently working to get all orders out, but the retailer is still waiting for the second Lumia 920 shipment, which is already sold out.

Clove is one of the few UK-based retailers that offer the Nokia Lumia 920 SIM-free, which is probably one of the reasons its stocks are depleting so fast.

The smartphone is available for purchase for no less than £520/€645/$835 outright. Check it out here.

Customers who wish to be among the first to receive info on the Lumia 920 availability may want to register on Clove UK’s webpage here. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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