Nokia Lumia 920 Sold Out in Finland at Elisa

DNA and Sonera carriers have confirmed strong Lumia 920 sales

Another glorious chapter in the Lumia 920’s history is now written in Finland, Nokia’s home. It appears that the country’s second biggest carrier Elisa has already sold out its Lumia 920 pre-order stock.

NokiaPowerUser reports that the carrier has sold no less than 5,000 units only on pre-orders, thus exhausting its entire stock.

Elisa customers that were hoping to be able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 920 today will surely be disappointed that the carrier won’t have any units left to offer at its retail stores.

Backtracking a few weeks ago, Elisa confirmed that it would make the Lumia 920 available at its online and retailer stores on November 22.

Unfortunately for Windows Phone 8 enthusiasts, the carrier has sold out the smartphone on pre-orders only.

We’re not sure if the 5,000 Lumia 920 that were in stock at Elisa is a high number, but given the fact that such an amount comes only from a single carrier in Finland, and not even the largest, it makes us believe that Nokia is faced with high demand for the smartphone.

In the same piece of news, two other major carriers in Finland, Sonera and DNA, report strong Nokia Lumia 920 demand, so it wouldn’t be a total surprise if both carriers were out of stock in the next few days.

Furthermore, both DNA and Sonera have confirmed that Lumia 920 has a higher demand than the previous models, such as Lumia 800 and Lumia 900, which might suggest that the former will be the best-selling Windows Phone device of all time.

According to the latest hearsay, Nokia has acknowledged the high demand for its Lumia 920 smartphone and is struggling to fulfill the carriers’ order, though word is that the short supply situation should be solved until early December.

Even though the information comes from various carriers and retailers, Nokia has been mum on when exactly the next batch of Lumia 920 units will be pushed to the market, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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