Nokia Lumia 920 Now Available in the UK on Orange and T-Mobile

The smartphone is up for grabs from £36 per month plans

Nokia and Everything Everywhere (EE) signed an exclusivity agreement for the Lumia 920. This means the smartphone is exclusive to EE in the UK. So far, there hasn’t been any leaked info regarding the exclusivity period, so we cannot make any assumptions yet.

For those unfamiliar, EE is a joint-venture between Orange and T-Mobile, which teamed up to offer the first 4G LTE network in the UK. This is one of the reasons EE is exclusively offering the Nokia Lumia 920, at least for a certain period.

However, Windows Phone fans unhappy with the carrier’s 4G plans required in order to grab the Lumia 920 should know they can now switch to other UK-based operators and still get the smartphone for free.

WMPowerUser reports T-Mobile and Orange are now offering the Nokia Lumia 920 for free on 24-month contracts.

The former has the Lumia 920 up for grabs from £36/€44.5/$57 per month plans, while the latter offers the smartphone for free on plans from £41/€50/$65.

Even though these are 3G data plans, some customers may prefer it over those much more expensive 4G plans offered by EE. No word if this is a limited time offer or both carriers are trying to improve their sales outside the joint-venture.

Nokia Lumia 920 is currently sold out in most countries where it was introduced. The phone can still be purchased in some regions, but only certain colors are available.

So far, it looks like there’s a high demand for the yellow, cyan and red Nokia Lumia 920, while the black and white versions seem to be less attractive for Windows Phone enthusiasts.

Those who are still hoping to grab an unlocked Lumia 920 in the UK may want to check out with Clove, as the retailer has just received a new batch of black, white and red units.

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