Nokia Lumia 920 Demand Is “Absolutely Huge” in Sweden

The backlog is twice as big as that for Galaxy S III

The high demand for Nokia Lumia 920 doesn’t surprise anymore. The smartphone is sold out almost everywhere and those who manage to find one available find either the black or white versions.

We recently reported about the huge demand for Lumia 920 in Finland, but that was to be expected as this is Nokia’s home country.

However, the folks over at WMPoweruser have been recently tipped on the private discussion between the Nordic Product Chief of online retailer Dustin and his friends, which points to the fact the Lumia 920 is a hard to come by device in Sweden as well.

According to him, “just as it is, demand is absolutely huge for this phone. I must, of course, not to mention a few figures besides ‘era’ phones so we had EXTREMELY limited (we’re talking single digit, at certain colors). Add to that we have roughly twice the back log on this as we had on the Samsung Galaxy s3 so do you understand the extent of luxury problem … “

Even though the short supply of Lumia 920 might have turned customers to other Windows Phone 8 devices, such as the HTC 8X, the information proves once again beyond any doubt that people are really buying Nokia’s flagship smartphone like crazy.

It will be interesting to see whether the Finnish handset maker will be able to replenish Nokia Lumia 920 stocks in time for Christmas in order to boost its sales even more.

For the time being, word is that Nokia plans to ship a new batch of Lumia 920 in early December, though we don’t have any details on where they will be sent.

In fact, in some European countries where the Lumia 920 was recently launched, Nokia announced it would only be available for purchase from 2013. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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