Nokia Lumia 920 Coming to Other Carriers in the UK from January 2013

More details on the deals available will be released in the following weeks

It looks like UK customers will be able to purchase the Lumia 920 from other carriers very soon.

The smartphone is currently exclusive to Everything Everywhere (EE) and the only other option in the UK is to grab the device SIM-free from various major retailers.

Luckily, Windows Phone enthusiasts won’t have to spend a fortune on SIM-free Nokia Lumia 920, as the device will arrive at other UK-based carriers next year.

For the time being, the SIM-free version of Nokia Lumia 920 can be purchased for around £520/€645/$835 outright, while EE customers can grab it for free on 24-month contracts.

When asked on its official Facebook page when exactly the Lumia 920 would arrive at O2, Nokia UK issued the following reply:

“We have been listening to what our loyal consumers want and we have been working to make the Lumia 920 available from other retailers from January onwards. When we have details of the deals available, we will let you know here on the Facebook page.”

This means that EE’s exclusivity over Lumia 920 will end in about a month. Even though this is great news, it does no good to those who wanted to grab the smartphone from other carriers this Christmas.

Starting January, we expect the Nokia Lumia 920 will be up for grabs for free on various contracts from Vodafone, Three and O2.

Although none of these operators has been confirmed to carry the Lumia 920 from January, at least one of them will surely add the device to its portfolio in early 2013.

This sounds like great news for Windows Phone fans, but Nokia is currently struggling to meet the high demand for the Lumia 920.

It will be interesting to see whether the company will be able to bring the device to additional carriers, though it’s still trying to fulfill all orders from those retailers that are now selling the device. Stay tuned for more info on this one.

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