Nokia Lumia 900 Torn to Pieces, Video Available

The phone will deliver high-end performance on lower hardware

When launched later this week through AT&T in the United States, the Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to turn into the next great hit from the Finnish handset vendor.

The device packs all the necessary elements for that: it runs an appealing OS, which also proved to be incredibly fast lately, and it will be cheap at only $99 (75 Euro) on contract – new AT&T users pre-ordering it online will have it for free, actually.

Apparently, there is a good reason for which the new smartphone is that affordable: it does not include “revolutionary” hardware, as the teardown performed by the guys over at TechRepublic shows.

The Windows Phone does come with hardware that places it above many smartphones on shelves today, but it cannot be put on the same line with top-of-the-line devices such as Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X or iPhone 4S.

However, it is the most affordable high-end smartphone in the world at the moment, and the lower hardware should not be a deal breaker to any user.

Furthermore, it appears that Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft are confident in its success. The handset will be able to deliver great performance even with lower hardware specs than rivals.

In fact, the marketing campaign that Nokia already kicked off for the mobile phone suggests exactly that. Lumia 900 should prove better than competitors.

Microsoft already showed the world what Windows Phone was capable of, through the popular Smoked by Windows Phone campaign.

What remains to be seen is if Lumia 900’s own features and capabilities will attract users to it as expected.

Those who would like to have a closer look at what Nokia Lumia 900 packs on the inside, should head over to this article on TechRepublic. You can learn some more on what the teardown found in the video embedded below.



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