Nokia Lumia 2020 Illusionist Tipped to Arrive Before March 2014

The company has just released its 10-inch model , the Lumia 2520

Yesterday we reported that some brand vendors like HTC, Motorola and BlackBerry might be thinking of abandoning the tablet game, due to the ruthless competition.

But embedded into that article was another interesting piece of information. According to industry sources familiar with the matter, companies like Sony, LG and Nokia are going to continue releasing tablets next year.

As we know, Nokia has already been rumored to be working on an 8-inch slate featuring Windows RT 8.1. The device has been dubbed either Illusionist or the Lumia 2020, and it appears we now have a relative launch date for the device.

Previous rumors have stated that the Illusionist might show up at the MWC 2014, which is held between 24 and 27 of February. This is in agreement with the latest piece of info indicating we’re most likely to see the 8-inch arrive by the end of March 2014.

On top of that, we are told that the device won’t come cheap, as Nokia is building it to be a high-end product. Bearing the above info in mind, the Finnish giant might surprise us and unveil the slate as soon as the CES 2014 this January.

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