Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Phone with 12MP PureView Camera

A full HD Nokia smartphone running under Microsoft's Windows Phone OS

With full HD touchscreen displays for smartphones becoming increasingly popular this year, it might not be too long before Nokia adopts the technology for its Windows Phone-based Lumia devices as well.

The company hasn’t made an official announcement on the matter as of now, but that does not stop enthusiasts from dreaming of the day it will.

One designer, Adrian Jankowiak (via concept-phones), came up with his own vision of what such a smartphone from Nokia might look like, and called it suggestively Nokia Lumia 1080.

Whether Nokia will actually adopt this idea for the building of a future phone, it remains to be seen. For the time being, however, we can admire the artwork of this designer, and hope that the company’s development team will consider a similar build for the near future.

Not only does the new concept phone sport a 1080p screen, which measures 4.4-inches diagonally, but it was also conceived as the slimmest Nokia Lumia device to date.

Featuring a high pixel density, the concept smartphone also packs a 12-megapixel photo snapper on the back, powered by the PureView technology that made some of Nokia’s smartphones popular among end-users around the world.

The concept device also sports 2GB of RAM inside, along with a powerful processor, one that might even boast four cores, should Nokia consider a move to the latest mobile technology out there.

The handset also comes with an edge-to-edge screen, while running under the latest flavor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Nokia Lumia 1080 is merely a concept phone for the time being, though one that clearly impresses, especially since it pushes the well-known design that Nokia adopted for its high-end Lumia devices (such as Lumia 920) a bit further.

However, users should not get their hopes – of being able to buy such a Nokia phone soon – too high, considering the fact that the concept phone comes from a third-party designer, which lowers the chances that the Finnish handset vendor will actually adopt it.


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