Nokia Lumia 1020 Coming Soon to Three UK

The handset will provide users with great imaging capabilities

Nokia Lumia 1020, the 41-megapixel Windows Phone 8 smartphone that Nokia made official yesterday, is set to arrive on shelves in the UK in the near future, as wireless carrier Three has already confirmed plans to add it to its offering.

The company has not offered specific info on when the smartphone will be released, but has already added it to its coming soon webpage.

The mobile phone will hit shelves with a 4.5-inch touchscreen display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor inside, and 2GB of RAM, twice the amount available in other Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Furthermore, it will sport 32GB of internal memory, the usual connectivity options and sensors, and a front camera to complement the 41-megapixel monster on its back.

The large camera sensor boasts enhanced software designed to enable users to get the most out of it.

“Nokia are really going for it in terms of the cameras on their Lumia range of phones and the 1020 takes this even further. In addition to the 41MP, the super high resolution means you can zoom up to six times without losing quality,” Three UK’s Sylvia Chind notes in a blog post.

“I know I’ve hankered after a decent zoom on a camera for a long time so this is certainly an interesting development. But more than this, you can now manually adjust focus, shutter speed and white balance to create beautiful photos exactly as you want them.”

Lumia 1020 will offer great video recording capabilities as well, courtesy of features such as Nokia Rich Recording, so that users could shoot clips with distortion-free stereo sound.

The Windows Phone 8-based mobile phone also comes to the market with Microsoft Office, as well as with various unique Lumia features, including Nokia Music and the HERE Maps and HERE Drive apps, providing users with free voice-guided navigation.

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