Nokia Launches Limited Edition Asha Charme Phones in Russia

All three handsets will be available starting late January

Nokia Russia has just announced the upcoming availability of three limited edition Asha phones: 308, 309 and 311. Dubbed Nokia Asha Charme, the handsets are expected to arrive on the market from the end of January.

Apart from Russia, the Nokia Asha Charme 308, 309 and 311 will be available in several more countries in the region, including Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

According to the Finnish company, these limited edition handsets will be priced the same as the standard models.

This means Nokia Asha Charme 308 and 309 will cost 4,490 rubles ($150/€110) while the Asha Charme 311 will be available for purchase for 4,990 rubles ($165/€125) outright.

All three phones in the Asha Charme series feature a stylish floral pattern dominated by chrysanthemums. It appears this pattern was not randomly chosen by Nokia, as this particular flower is very popular among top fashion designers.

Customers who wish to purchase any of these three limited edition phones will be able to choose from various colors.

Nokia has already confirmed the Asha Charme 308 will be available in black and gold, the Asha Charme 309 in white and silver, whereas the Asha Charme 311 will be offered in white with gold.

Keep in mind that the limited edition Asha phones will ship with the same specs as the standard models, so the only thing differentiating them is design.

It is also worth mentioning, Nokia Asha Charme phones come pre-loaded with popular Russian social network clients, as well as personalized wallpapers and themes.

“Nokia Asha 308, 309 and 311 models appeared on the Russian market in the 3rd quarter of this year and immediately became popular with buyers. Nokia Asha Touch is the best combination of style, price and functionality.

“Making a decision on the establishment of Nokia Asha Charme, we assumed that these models will be beautiful and stylish gifts for girls for the upcoming spring holidays,” said Eric Bertman, CEO of Nokia Russia.


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