Nokia Launches Flexi EDGE Base Station

It will revolutionize cost efficient radio access network deployment

Nokia announced that it has introduced the Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station, a new revolutionary product for building out GSM/EDGE networks more cost effectively and quickly than ever before.

In developing the Flexi EDGE Base Station, the smallest on the market, Nokia has taken full advantage of its latest innovations in electronics and system design to provide operators with a compact and powerful platform to deploy high quality networks with minimized operating and capital expenditures.

Based on a modular compact design, the Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station makes a significant impact on GSM/EDGE network coverage and capacity, as well as making base station siting easier and faster. Operators gain cost savings in site deployment, operations and in reduced number of sites - all resulting in lower network total cost of ownership.

Nokia's Flexi EDGE Base Station delivers market leading radio performance ensuring excellent coverage for wide and hot spot areas. As a result, it reduces remarkably the number of sites needed. Also, the compact design of the new Flexi Base Station requires much less space and therefore can make more efficient use of existing or new base station sites. The high capacity Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station enables easy capacity upgrades as traffic increases. Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station also delivers significant improvements in power consumption.

Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station deliveries are expected to start from mid 2007 onwards.

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