Nokia Laser Might Be Verizon’s Lumia 920

The smartphone will be launched alongside Nokia Catwalk

Verizon customers are probably still disappointed by the fact that their carrier was not able to secure an agreement with Nokia that will allow them to purchase the Lumia 920 on their favorite network.

However, this is about to get fixed as rumors suggest the Big Red and Nokia are planning to launch a new Windows Phone flagship smartphone that will have Lumia 920’s specs.

There have been lots of leaks in the last couple of months suggesting Verizon will release a better Windows Phone 8 in the future, but none can provide exact details.

Well, it looks like Tom Warren of The Verge has been able to confirm once again with sources close to the matter that Verizon will launch its own variant of Lumia 920, codename Laser.

There’s more to it as Nokia Laser’s marketing campaign will be heavily sponsored by Microsoft. The smartphone is said be released later this year as a flagship device, which means it is likely to go on sale before the recently rumored Nokia EOS.

Apparently, Nokia EOS will be the first Windows Phone handset to pack “true” PureView imaging technology. That means the smartphone will be able to take advantage of the oversampling feature, which is currently integrated in Nokia 808 PureView.

Back on Nokia Laser, The Verge claims the smartphone will be launched alongside the previously rumored Nokia Catwalk.

For the time being, there is no info on Catwalk’s specs sheet, but we must assume they’re slightly lower than Lumia 920’s, otherwise we don’t see why Verizon would launch two Windows Phone devices with similar specs at the same time.

Still, we do know Nokia Catwalk will be the first Windows Phone handset launched by the Finnish company that will feature an aluminum body and possibly squared shapes. Stay tuned for more updates on this one.

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