Nokia Illusionist Is a Windows RT Tablet with 8-Inch Screen – Leak

Some users were hoping to get a Windows 8.1 Pro slate out of Nokia

Nokia has just unveiled its first Windows RT tablet dubbed the Lumia 2520. Now it appears the company has acquired a taste for tablets and has still something to show the world.

The faithful @evleaks has teased a device called Nokia Illusionist in the past, but rumors couldn't agree on what it was exactly.

Was it a variant of Lumia 1520 or of Lumia 2520 or Lumia 929? Or could it possibly be a full Windows 8 tablet? Nobody could say for sure.

But now, @evleaks shows us once again that it has the answer. In their latest tweet, they announced that the Nokia Illusionist is going to be Nokia’s second RT tablet, but this time sporting an 8-inch screen.

So far, we know the device will come with a Stylus and according to sources it will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 1080p display. We’ll keep you posted as more info surfaces.

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