Nokia E90 Phone Rumor

Leaked sketches of the phone have been found in Nokia's documents.

We've got quite a lot of phone rumors lately, some of them from sources inside phone manufacturing companies, others initiated by photos found on the world wide web and this is another case of the latter type. Pictures or better said sketches of a possible Nokia E90 phone have been found in Nokia's documents, sketches that tell us that this might be an update to the Nokia Communicator series of mobile phones.

From the photos, we see that this handset will have the same QWERTY keyboard as its predecessors, and rumors say this device will have much more connectivity power due to its HSPDA, UMTS, EDGE and Wi-Fi capabilities that will enable its users to stay online wherever they are and whenever they want.

Other specs of this half imaginary E90 phone will be the 2 megapixel digital camera and the miniUSB connectivity support.

Because of its obvious rumor origin, information about the release date and price of this device are inexistent yet.

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