Nokia Details Photo Maps App for Lumia Devices

It enables users to easily place photos taken with the phone on the map

One of the capabilities that Nokia’s latest Lumia devices came to the market with was the option to make photos location-aware, courtesy of a simple app called Photo Maps, powered by Nokia’s Maps service.

Photo Maps can be found in the camera UI under the Lenses option and enables users to see the real world on top of the maps on their handsets.

The feature takes advantage of the company’s HERE mapping platform, which provides users with access to mapping data stored on their devices at all times, even when without an Internet connection.

“So, even in the middle of nowhere where you’ll almost certainly be disconnected from the network, Photo Maps will still work perfectly,” a post on Nokia Conversations reads.

When loading Photo Maps, users will see the world from two different angles, one through the viewfinder of the Nokia Lumia device, and another from above, with the location on Nokia Maps.

“As you move, the scene from your viewfinder will change, as will the location that’s displayed at the bottom half of the image,” the aforementioned blog post explains.

“By default, you’re presented with the road view on Nokia Maps. If you want to change the view to Aerial, Hybrid or Terrain, head into settings and select the options there.”

Users will also be able to turn off location should they want to do so, although it would not make sense when using Photo Maps. However, should one turn the location off, the map selection on the screen would show a wider view of the world.

The Photo Maps app can prove useful in many situations, including those when you go sightseeing. It also enables people to easily locate places they have visited.

“Photo Maps is available for the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, costing £1.29 ($1.49) – with the option to try before you buy,” said post concludes. The application can be found on this page in the Windows Phone Store.

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