Nokia Comes Up with New Branding, Revamped Fonts

Espoo, Finland-based mobile phone maker Nokia is gearing up for the launch of a new typeface, and a new look for its promotional materials. The handset vendor will eventually shape a new brand image, and new fonts, called Nokia Pure, are among the first changes that the company introduced.

The company worked on the new Nokia Pure with Bruno Maag, the highly respected Swiss-born, London- based typographic designer.

An impressive new typeface is very important in any circumstances, since users would definitely react to it, whether they realize it or not, a post on reads.

“For a brand like Nokia, looking to reinvent and revitalize, the typeface literally sets the tone. In many ways, it’s the touchstone for every other visual element in the branding palette. So it needs to be considered, rigorous and send out exactly the right message,” the post continues.

Inspired by Nokia’s Finnish design roots, the new interface was designed to include beauty born from function. “It should be beautifully minimal, achieving harmony through simplicity,” the said post reads.

Nokia Pure was aimed at being “open, inviting and friendly,” something that would reflect Nokia's heritage in design. Moreover, Nokia notes that the new typeface was aimed at being here for at least a decade.

“It was a balancing act. An elegantly simple typeface that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but is still distinctive and different,” Bruno Maag commented.

“For me, it’s the rhythm of the typeface and the relationship between characters that’s critical. After all, when it’s set in Arabic, you still need to know that it’s Nokia, and this is achieved by creating a recognizable rhythm.”

Nokia is undergoing some major changes at the moment, with plan to have the Windows Phone operating system its main platform of choice, and with a roadmap that would include fewer and fewer handsets based on Symbian in the next few years, and the new typeface adds to the list.


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